Ranko Georgiev


Dr. Ranko Georgiev was born in 1975 in Sofia. He graduated the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Trakian University, Stara Zagora – Bulgaria in 1998. He has been on specialized trainings in diagnostic imaging and echocardiography like a visiting vet or as a part of Internship programs both in a private vet clinics (San Francisco – USA http://www.sagecenters.com, http://www.encinavet.com, with focus on ultrasound diagnostics and Cardiology), and in some Universities like the Colorado State University Vet Teaching Hospital and Davis Vet School in California.

In 2008 he underwent specialized training in radiography, ultrasonography and MRI in Mediterraneo Veterinary Clinic – Madrid. Later the same year he participated in a training course for practical echocardiography in Padua/Italy held by June Boon, who is the leading specialist in this sphere. Dr. Georgiev is a member of the European Society for Veterinary Cardiology (ESVC) and the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR). He has been in charge of the extensive workshop program held in Central Vet Clinic – Sofia for the last five years, with more than 35 workshops/wet labs organized so far.